Liz Hollingshead BA (Hons) MA (Hons) PGE.

I have been involved in art and design for over 30 years. Working for local publishers, companies and charities.

I have worked for WHSmiths, producing two books on art.

Designed and produced kits for  TV's  Art Attack.

Worked on toy designs for Woolworths and have been involved in many wild and wonderful products for QVC.

I worked on a  book of poetry celebrating the Millennium for McDonalds.

In the past I have worked on many community projects in local Hospitals and designed and illustrated the interior for a “ Play Village”.

Working as a  as a freelance illustrator producing monthly illustrations  for a Norwegian cookery magazine as well as an educational magazine. I have also designed many art packs and resources for Reeves paints.

These pages are designed I hope to tickle your fancy, I hope you enjoy the journey.

Liz Hollingshead BA (Hons)  MA (Hons)


Christmas 2019 - Click to see full image

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Garden - Planters

Sea Food

Summer 2018


The Veg Garden

Flower Garden

Wooden Spoons

Menagerie Spots

Fire Birds

First Christmas

Hare Today

A Dream