So much cardboard !

Lots of boxes have been delivered containing, books, dog food you name it during lockdown. so I have decided to use it.

So many boxes have been containing our post !

Stage 1. Cardboard box.

2. Once the bird is cut out I painted it white.

3. All painted.

4. I started painting.

5. Once painted the bird was stuck together to form a strong free standing structure.

Then the Lion

Paper mache bird.

Project Two: Cardboard, masking tape and imagination.

Newspaper screwed up into tight shapes to make the body. Masking tape wound round the cardboard shapes to complete the basic form.

Masking tape form finished. Paper mache comes next.

Papermache is made from paper, PVA, flour, salt and water. It is put into a food blender which mushes it all together forming a pliable pulp.

The clay can be moulded into shapes - IT took about a week to dry out.

Once the main body of the bird was dry, I put a final coat of paper and PVA glue. THis stage only takes a couple of hours to dry.It provides a wonderful surface to paint on.

Still lots to do - watch this space !